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We have made several appearances of the Emmy Award Winning Show, the Doctors.


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March 10, 2017

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March 10, 2017

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March 10, 2017

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March 10, 2017

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Honor K9’s well versed background has led to multiple exciting opportunities, including being invited to make several appearances on the CBS Emmy Award Winning Show, the Doctors. Most memorable, Mark helped a woman who had an extremely traumatic experience from a multiple dog attach which put her in a coma and almost took her life.  Mark, along with two of Honor K9’s dogs and a therapist all worked with her to see if they could help her overcome this traumatic event.

“This was not your typical show where they might ask you a couple questions on dog training or behavior. This was a serious case that required a complete team effort which included medical staff due to the severity of the condition. When all was said and done, we had the woman petting and holding the leash of our dog/s & genuinely feeling much better. It was incredibly moving and all around a memorable experience”.  – Mark Harrison



So much more than basic obedience. Of course, my dog knows sit, down and stay; but what I love so much about Mark's training is that I have a real connection with my dog. Buck looks to me for direction and guidance. We took a pup that I thought had some issues being timid and a bit fearful and made him a great confident companion. Mark's training style is positive and his techniques work. Buck and I look forward to our next class. Thanks for your help Mark!

-Karen P

I have to say Mark has been nothing but such a great help. Before I knew about Mark. My household was crazy "thanks" to my 11 month dog. I met couple sessions with Mark before deciding to take the next step. Well Mark took "Boots" my dog for his in home training program. And it has BEEN the BEST decision EVER! Mark is soooo knowledgeable about dogs that it blew my mind. He truly TRULY cares. And he spends as much time as needed to answers ALL the questions. If I have to do it all over again I would chose him again to train my dog and myself. Thank you Mark! Cheers to many more questions to come!

- Catalina M

We did your typical puppy classes through a corporate pet company and started having issues with our 5 month old Shepard, all I can say is I've seen more results with just one training session with Mark than the last 6 weeks. He definitely is so knowledgeable when it comes to big breed dogs and how their wired!

- Stacey N

Mark has a great deal of passion for his work. He gives you 110 percent. Each dog is an individual and treated as such. Anyone looking to better their relationship with their dog will benefit from his teaching.

- Kit W

Mark is fantastic! Our dog, Loki, was fear aggressive and very timid. He wouldn't mind, wouldn't obey basic commands, barked at everything and would lunge at people. Mark took him for 30 days and brought a totally different dog back to us!! And when he brought him home, he spent over an hour teaching us the proper way to handle Loki. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark if you have issues with your dog!! He is patient, gentle yet firm and shows a true love and understanding of animals. He is just an awesome trainer!! Mark went the extra mile and gave Loki a "birthday party" because he turned 1 year old while he was with Mark for training. That was above and beyond and will never be forgotten. Loki loves Mark and that says a lot, because Loki doesn't like most people!! Thank you, Mark, for doing such an awesome job with our boy!!

- Dawn W

My friends and I are so glad we found Mark!!! He has the expertise, the experience, the patience to take any dog or puppy, and help us learn just what to do to address problem behaviors properly....where the dog AND owner actually learn together what needs to be done...what's going on inside the dog's head. As to what goes on inside OUR heads when we get frustrated, Mark is a very kind, understanding, patient man.....After several phone consultations and a full afternoon leaving my 15 week Shepherd puppy with Mark, I feel like my mental health is starting to return. Thanks to Mark, the frustration has given way to clearly letting my pup know what I expect of him, knowing how to let HIM know, quickly and without turning up my vocal volume, when a behavior is wrong, and when to praise him. Less than 24 hours after leaving Mark, sanity is now restored to the home!!! Bless you, Boston Man!! As this puppy matures, I will be returning to Mark as needed, for whatever he recommends, making sure my shepherd and I have the best possible life together. My friends have had the same positive experience with their somewhat stubborn cattle dog puppy. After one month with Mark, this pup came back knowing exactly what she was to do....for Mark, in her mind, initially.....then for the family...thanks to a follow-up visit from Mark. Get the picture? This is the most positive review of the best experience I could've hoped for!

- Mal. S

I have taken dog training classes before and both my dog and I found them to be boring, but from the first class with Mark we have had a great experience. I have an older dog and Mark's training is tailored for each dog and their owner. I look forward to every class.

- Nadia M

Mark is the best of the best canine trainers! We have hired our share of dog trainers over the past 30 years and none have come close to offering the outstanding approach and knowledge base that Mark brings to his clients. He really takes his time to listen to whatever issues we have and teaches us how to achieve results quickly. We have a seven month old rescue pup who lived in a garage for the first five months of her life and was never socialized around people and other dogs. Mark met "Peanut" at our home and right away she kept her distance from him, barking and feeling threatened. By the end of the first session Peanut was eating out of Mark's hand and by the end of the second session Peanut was easily going up to Mark and rolling over for him wanting a belly rub. Talk about trust...Mark has a way with dogs that we've never witnessed and he taught us more in two sessions than we could have hoped to learn in a year with someone else. Mark knows dogs and if we could give him a ten star rating we would. We look forward to working with him to help Peanut become a confident, socialized and well trained member of our family. Our ultimate goal is for her to become a therapy dog in the senior community. We can't say it enough...Mark is awesome and we highly recommend him for all your dog training needs!

- Sandy A

Mark has given me the tools to help my Josie be a better dog. She is no longer the annoying out of control pet that I allowed her to be. The training Mark provided has taught me how to manage my dog, and help her fulfill her potential. She is thriving with the modifications he has shown us. Cant thank Mark enough! I highly recommend using him!!!

- Kim S

My dog Sawyer had been through basic obedience training with a different trainer but still had some behavioral issues that were causing issues and had not been addressed in his previous training. Mark took the time to talk to me and really got to know my dog. He set up a plan for us that is really tailored to Sawyer and in the two weeks we have been working with Mark, I have already seen a huge improvement! Mark really cares about the dogs he is training and wants to see them succeed and I appreciate that! I can't wait to see Sawyer go from a good dog to a great dog and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the same experience with their dog!

- Amy S