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Honoring them by Teaching them

Many of the dogs up for adoption are very often just lacking proper or sufficient leadership / guidance, none of which is their fault in anyway. Once they are shown some very basic desired behaviors, along with what is not desired, often they turn out to be wonderful companions. Of course there are exceptions to this, I am just generalizing for dogs who got brought to the shelter because of bad behavior.

However, what I do see & hear very often from clients is about how sad the dogs previous life was. I will then ask “so how long have you had your dog? Quite often I will hear 1yr, 2yr’s etc.  So even though “Max” is lunging for a baby in a stroller, its because his previous owner’s mistreated him. My response to this is, perhaps that is unfortunately the case, however, he is your dog now! My suggestion, create a new story. If he was returned for not being shown how to be well behaved, then if you care for this dog, make it better for him this time around. Start showing your dog there is a different way of doing things. Allowing your new dog to stay in that “past life” does not help him whatsoever.

It my belief that you can show him, teach him, HONOR him by training him. Lets face it, most people want their dogs to feel safe and loved. If that’s the case, help them feel secure by showing them they have a trustworthy knowledgeable leader.