Comprehensive Board-N-Train

Our Comprehensive Board and Train program is a very successful and popular program. Removing the dog from its current environment and having it enter a new one with new rules and structure, is very conducive to the learning process. This allows the training and conditioning to be applied throughout all aspects of each day, 24/7.
 This program delivers quicker results for those looking to teach their dog common obedience or just addressing undesired behaviors. In addition to teaching common obedience, we also address House Manners, go on Field Trips, Play Sessions with the Trainer, Supervised Play Sessions with other well balanced dogs (if social issues are not a problem) and Daily Walks. Your dog will stay with the trainer, be part of the pack structure and have lot’s of undivided attention. We ONLY take on a very limited amount of dogs at any given time. This allows us to work closely with your dog to maximize the training to it’s full potential. Aside from working with your dog/s, we make a point to involve you, the owner. Extensive theory and application is provided as we feel it is vital to understand the (why) just as much as the (how to).
 Requirements: To an assessment of the dog and interview with the owners will be conducted before acceptance can be granted. In order for the program to be beneficial, absolute commitment from all members of the household is required.
 If you are looking for maximum control, Remote Collar Training can be an additional add-on during your dog’s Boarding and Training program.


Intensive “In-Home” Obedience Program

This is the next best solution compared to a traditional Board -N-Train. The intensive in home training program is a very effective option that creates lasting change in your dogs behavior, in a relatively short amount of time. The way it’s designed is we personally coach and show you “the owner” how to handle and teach your dog. Having you teach your dog greatly increases the odds for long term lasting results. This is a customized program based on your dogs behavior, the unique environment in which it lives in and your goals. All of these factors allows us to tailor a plan that we feel will best help you and your dog. We will be training at minimum of 2-3 times per week, for a minimum of four consecutive weeks. This program is extremely effective and is designed to deliver very positive results that far increase the odds for long term success.

How to get started: We will schedule for one of our behaviorist to meet with you and assess your dog, take the time to better understand your goals and see the actual environment the dog will be living in. At that point, we will customize a program that we feel will best assist you.

– Serious commitment from you the owner and others within the household
– Owner Consultation & temperament assessment of your dog


Behavior Modification

Our Behavior Modification program is specifically designed to help you and your dog learn new skills to deal with the following bad behaviors:

  • Leash Reactivity – Over excitement that leads to pulling, lunging, snarling, or other bad behaviors.
  • Excessive Barking – Extended periods of barking to leads to nuisance complaints.
  • Aggression – Showing aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people.
  • Resource Guarding – Aggressively protecting food or toys from other dogs or people.

Program Requirements:
  – Dog’s must have proof of up to date vaccinations
  – All young dogs must have all of their vaccinations and be cleared by your vet   
    to be out in public
  – New clients will require a consultation and assessment of your dog


Beginner Obedience

Our five week Beginner Obedience program is designed to teach your dog the necessary skills that contribute to becoming a well mannered pack member. This is a 1 on 1 program that combines both application and theory to help you better understand your dog and provide you with effective handling techniques. Classes are held once a week for (5) consecutive weeks. Classes must be used by the end of the (5) week marker.

Program Requirements:
. Up to date on all vaccinations
. All young dogs must be cleared by your vet to be out in public
. Desire to learn and commitment from you, the handler

Would my dog be a good fit?
This course is a great fit for most dogs, however, it is not designed for dogs with aggression. If you need help dealing with aggression issues, please contact us directly to discuss other training options.

This is an on leash beginner level program.
We will meet once a week, for a total of (5) lessons
Location: Temecula

Additional Services Offered


  • Private Lessons
  • Off Leash Program
  • Puppy Foundation
  • Leash Walking Skills
  • Managing multiple dogs
  • Engagement Skills