Please Read Carefully


  1. Prior to acceptance into any of our programs, proper screening will be applied, this applies to both dog and owner. This is to help ensure our program will be a good fit.
  2. When attending a course or lesson, typically we will be partaking in physical exercise so remember to dress accordingly and don’t forget to bring water for your dog.
  3. If your dog is aggressive, we ask that you be upfront and honest about the situation. This is not only fair but its an absolute safety issue. Depending on the level of aggression may determine acceptance into the program. Should a dog’s behavior not be fully disclosed up front and deemed dangerous, you may be asked to remove the dog without the possibility of refund.
  4. While attending a class / lesson, your are fully responsible for the handling and care of your dog. Please keep your dog on a line and not allow it to run around unless instructed to do so. (This includes when unloading from vehicle)
  5. It is not recommended that you bring young children that require supervision to your lesson or handler training.

Dogs must be vaccinated
Females must be spayed if 6 months or older
Pass temperament test